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Lifestyle Products & Brands

Zeva: Interior home design products. (Learn more)

Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur: Germany's premier porcelain manufacture since 1746. (Learn more)

XelGrip: Designed and made in Japan easy to use snow chain tire. (Learn more)

Fullness: Exceptional interior designer from Japan since 1985. Shades, curtains, rails and more. (Learn more)

Construction & Building Materials

Fineduct: Premium HVAC mini-split line set covers. (Learn more)

Joto Vent System: Home HVAC ventilation system. (Learn more)

IT & Software

MIIDEL by Triart: AI powered image & document comparison software. (Learn more)

Magic Register: Point of sales system by JSP & JSP Solution. (Learn more)

Health & Well Being

DCore by NIN: Exceptional massage chair. (Learn more)

Sustainability Solutions

Joy Gen by JJ Greenhouse: Sustainable agriculture solution. (Learn more)

Robotics & AI

Commercial delivery system by JSP Solution. (Learn more)

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